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Available 24hrs for urgent collections.


Euro Bike Express can collect and deliver anywhere in Europe, quickly and safely.

All times quoted below are average times from London.

  • Paris, France - 5hrs
  • Brussels, Belgium - 4 hrs
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands - 7hrs
  • Berlin, Germany - 14hrs
  • Prague, Czech - 16hrs
  • Luxembourg - 9hrs


We are happy to give you a fixed, no obligation quotation.

All prices include, tunnel charges, tolls etc where applicable, with no nasty surprises.

Payment can be made with most major credit or debit cards, bacs, paypal or cash.

Euro Bike Express


Delivery to Europe TODAY? Yes, we do.

EuroBikeExpress specialise in urgent or valuable item direct delivery to European destinations by motorcycle. (vans available for larger items)

Items can be collected within the UK, often within an hour and delivered anywhere within the UK and wider Europe the same or next day and without worry of your item being lost or damaged by a normal parcel carrier and without the usual wait in excess of many days to get notification your item/s have arrrived.

What we do

Our motorcycle and van couriers will make the collection and head directly for the delivery. No passing the item between a stream of vehicles, no going through hub centers etc. The person collecting your item will usually be the one that hands it to the recipient.

You can also keep a real time check on your item on-line within metres of it's location at any time using the tracking on some of our vehicles.


Items carried include but are not limited to - passport, prescription medicines, machine or vehicle parts, documents, tenders, spare keys, cash, credit or debit cards, electrical items and much more

We promise

Your item will be

  • Delivered quickly
  • will not be lost
  • Secure & confidential
  • will not be damaged
  • will be delivered as quickly as possible
  • Looked after like it is our own